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About Us

Olitech Technology was established in 2013. The Melbourne based business is owned and operated by Kristen and Ibrahim Bayri. Kristen and Ibrahim bring clinical background knowledge and experience to the area of accessible technology for older individuals. Their education and experience in the fields of Occupational Therapy and Orthotics and Prosthetics have enabled them to understand the gaps in the “Seniors Technology” market and source accessible, quality and affordable products for their customers that meet their diverse needs.


Olitech’s Vision and Mission Statement

Olitech’s vision is to be an approachable, effective and reliable company that enables customers and retailers the opportunity to access simple, accessible and quality technology for older individuals or those with sensory impairment. Our overall mission is to provide older individuals or those with sensory impairment the tools to enhance their communication and independence whilst reducing isolation.


Key Values

  • Accessibility: being an approachable company that provides accessible product solutions for customers and users.

  • Empowerment: the provision of resources to staff and customers that allow a more confident and independent stance.

  • Communication: build open and honest relationships through clear, accessible communication.

  • Quality: consistent provision of quality products.

  • Resourcefulness: promote ongoing learning and research within the company to ensure the best technology is being considered and offered.

Kristen Bayri and Ibrahim Bayri
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