We are proud to introduce our new 4G mobile phone, the Olitech EasyFlip.
Designed for simplicity, the EasyFlip features a large screen, large buttons,
amplified tones and much more.


Special Features


Voice Reminders

A new, personalised way to set up daily/weekly reminders. Instead of a pop up written reminder, now you can schedule audio reminders. “Good morning mum, don’t forget your doctor’s appointment at 10 am today.”

Loud Speakers

Amplified volume. Up to 95dB ringtone and 25dB ear piece volume boost.

Menu Visibility

Olitech’s new Menu Visibility feature allows the phones ten primary menu options, including text messages to be hidden from the phones main menu. This allows the phones visual display to be customised and simplified for the individual user.


myEasyAssist allows your EasyFlip to be remotely programmed, located and backed up via our custom designed web platform. This not only assists in the set up of the phone but ongoing programming (eg reminders) and troubleshooting. 

Additional Features

Hearing Aid Compatibility

M4/T4 Telecoil and Bluetooth
resulting in enhanced volume,
clarity and connectivity.

Photo Dial

Up to 8 contacts can be saved as photo/speed dial numbers

Voice Output

Voice output keys and menu.
Text to speech enabling audio
text messages.

Accessible Design

Large, clear, customisable
display. Big buttons identifiable
by touch and colour.

GPS Location

Dedicated Emergency Key with
GPS locating function.



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