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Combining the comfort of a landline with the portability and connectivity of a mobile phone. Keeping you connected at home and on the road!

The new EasyTel 4G 
for seniors

No NBN or fixed lines required. 
The EasyTel 4G uses a SIM card to connect to the mobile network. It can even be used to connect your other devices to the internet!



Olitech EasyTel 4G mobile homephone

Special Features

SOS icon

Emergency key:  when activated, emergency contacts receive a call & message requesting assistance.

Reception icon

Mobile hotspot: use the EasyTel to connect other devices to the internet.

Speaker icon

Dedicated loudspeaker key

Battery icon

Backup battery 

Photodial icon

Three dedicated speed dial keys & eight additional speed dial contacts linked to number keys.

HAC icon

Hearing Aid Compatible M4/T4

100dB ringtone, 95dB amplified earpiece speaker

Voice output icon

Voice output number keys &

main menu

Big button phone logo

Big buttons

Additional Features

3G & 4G network
Language icon
English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese 
Bluetooth icon
Bluetooth V4.2
Alarm icon
Alarm & Calendar 
Lock icon
Unlocked to all carriers
Taxt message icon
FM Radio Icon.png
FM Radio
Blacklist icon
Olitech EasyTel 4G big button homephone
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